Stretch out and work out with someone you enjoy being around

Stretch out and work out with someone you enjoy being around

Postby wesurvive » Mon Dec 20, 2010 3:34 am

Updated: Fixed all my typos, I hope. Reminder to myself, never post at 5 a.m. in the morning. haha

Who wants to work out alone? I did many times for years, but I do know that if you work out with someone else you find it is a lot more enjoyable.

The Army thought it was better to have some cute honey bunny come in early in the morning and help us work out as we watched her for a month, we were to follow, but truly it was distracting to say the least since we all spent more time flirting with her and laughing rather than working out. When she stretched, we just watched. It wasn't until she left that we actually got anything done. However it was enjoyable.

But, on the other hand if you are working out with someone you do know such as your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, or just a friend it does help make things easier and you have someone to work out with.

Those who are married work out with your wife or husband. Those who have girlfriends or boyfriends work out with them.

Those who don't well there are other options. Work out alone or go to a gym. If you have the money you can hire your own personal trainer.

Now why do I say this? Well, I ran across some videos on the Internet of both men and women working out and showing how they do it, how to make bigger muscles or getting a six pack belly. Granted, there were some cute honey bunnies on there and I enjoyed watching them, but is that the only inspiration is watching another? Not really, but just remembering the days when you felt good should be your own inspiration. I mean when I see a female trainer put her leg over her head and bend over backwards, I am not going to even try doing that or I will need surgery. Videos are not inspirational at all.

Some watch the workout videos from the store to try and get inspired. To have at least an imaginary friend work out with. That doesn't work for me, so I just get focused and grab a handful of vitamins and after an hour I have more than enough energy to start working out.

So, if you don't have the spouse or girl/boy friend to go work out with, even if your friends are too busy, if you are out of energy; grab a handful of vitamins and within an hour you are ready to work out. Stretching out is important every day. Sit ups and push ups are easy to do. No major twisting the body around and you exercise till you can't keep doing it anymore. You will feel sore, but that doesn't mean you need surgery. It means you are out of shape and your body is getting back into shape when you hurt after a work out.

What is important when working out is you do it till you can't do it anymore or till you are tired and can't lift anything anymore, but take it slow if you are really out of shape and don't strain yourself either. I however keep going till I can't lift anything at all, then after I regain my strength I do it again. Then I hold an object in the air in front of me till I can't hold it anymore. Simple things to do, it isn't that bad to do these things and it builds up strength, power and stamina. I am into more power building rather than body toning. Women body tone. haha

For legs, simple things you can do are just tying something heavy to your leg (or using leg weights from Kmart) and lifting it as high as you can and hold it there for as long as you can. Switch legs. I do this till I either get really tired and my legs cramp up or I start a slow kick version and hold it in the air, this trains the muscles in the leg as well. You can do this laying on your bed if you like. For women who want to build their butts up or tone it up or what ever it is called, doing it backwards behind them is the solution. Rock solid bottoms I think they call it.

These are things we all can do unless we are in a wheelchair. It gets you into shape, you didn't run 5 miles and you had a good workout.

For those who don't like to run like me, (I am tired of running so I would rather ski), this may be for you. After all, the older we get our knees go bad, our feet hurt, and we just plain suck at running anymore, so we find ways to work out without tearing up our bodies anymore than we have to.
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Re: Stretch out and work out with someone you enjoy being ar

Postby jpf1030 » Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:48 am

Howdy WeSurvive,
Great advice, thanks for the reminder post. It cannot be stressed how important physical conditioning will become in readying for a post collapse lifestyle. I've been so "over busy" in mgmt. work for all our activities, I've become a "computer potato" of late. Starr and I have promised each other we will start a physical conditioning program with the start of the new year. We will start with attempting to lift 3 donuts at once! Naw, we say we are serious this time and we have had spurts of doing it in the past, so we know we can do it, if we just will! So, having come out of the closet with this plan, all of you please harass us by asking us continuously if we are staying on our conditioning program. Nothing like embarrassment of admitting failure to motivate us! Thanks for giving us this coming out opportunity, so ask and we will tell...jpf
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