Collectible Silver Bullion Commemorative Purchase Offering

Collectible Silver Bullion Commemorative Purchase Offering

Postby jpf1030 » Wed Apr 06, 2016 9:43 pm

Howdy Ya'll,

We just sent this out to our BSOSC local and distance email list and are posting here now for any of you who may have an interest in this new offering on silver and copper commemeratives.

A few days ago we received notice from Liberty Dollar founder Bernard Von Nothaus regarding a soon to be released commemorative coin series release for the 2016 presidential election. Bernard has been dedicated to an alternative metals based currency system for decades to help Americans protect their assets/savings from the ravages of inflation destruction of paper money. This announcement is on his latest effort. Before elaborating on the upcoming offering I will relate the last offering of this type.

In 2007 Liberty Dollar minted a Ron Paul series of platinum, gold, silver and copper commemoratives for the 2008 election. Those had a massive value jump. Now Bernard let us know he is doing this similar new production as the Trump Dollar. There is a website set up for it at Trump Dollar 2016 Trump Dollar Trump the Government where you can learn about it. In still retaining our old Liberty Dollar dealership, we are going to be able to supply these at a discount to anyone interested in acquiring either the silver, copper or both.

Trump Dollar 2016 Trump Dollar Trump the Government
Fed up with the same old corrupt politics as usual?

We have no political agenda in sending out this announcement as we are totally undecided on who to vote for in the presidential election. We feel much more information is going to be revealed about all the candidates which will most likely cause many of us to vary our present opinions of each.

We are going to get the Trump Dollars strictly from the economic side in our preparedness efforts to have silver and copper coins that will have their bullion plus the potential for additional significant collector value.

At the present silver spot value, we will be able to offer a 15% to possibly 20% discount from the above referenced website, depending upon what the market does. However, we will have to pre-pay whatever order we place to cover any amounts we and any of you may want to get. Once the payment is received, our final cost will be locked in based upon the spot price of that day plus the premium. This is why we have to give a discount range we expect to be able to offer.

The grand unveiling event at Trump Tower in NY is on April 27th, which is only 3 weeks away. We need to get our order with payment submitted asap to get locked in to the initial offering price. We should try to have this completed within the next 10 days.
Please contact Starr at [url][/url] if you want to be included in the order and arrange your payment with her. We will be trying to get our (and your) payment sent in within the next 10-12 days.

Even if you don't want to order any of these silver or copper Trump Dollars, please don't procrastinate acquiring some silver, etc. as an important part of your preparedness effors.

Happy Preparedness Trails,

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